Yes! We Have No NO SCREEN Today
With apologies to the authors of the popular old song, "Yes! We Have No Bananas"

By Bill Draper | 24 Feb 2016

For those of us in the restaurant business, you’ve probably encountered an exchange like the following this dozens of times:

Customer: “I’d like a cheeseburger – no onions”
Cashier: “Sure.” (Hunts and pecks on the terminal so that they can remove the onions). “That will be $…”

The above scenario is common because many POS systems have the notion of a “NO SCREEN”. Everyone calls it the “NO SCREEN” because it’s used to tell the kitchen to “NOT” include a certain ingredient. However, there are a number of problems with the “NO SCREEN” and that’s why a more modern, elegant approach was taken when designing Gusto.

First, a “NO SCREEN” requires that an additional modifier be created for every ingredient that can be omitted from a menu item. That means an over- complicated menu and additional maintenance and configuration costs. POS is supposed to make your job easier – not harder.

Another problem is that no explicit connection exists between the ingredient and the No command. In our example this is “Onion” and “No Onion”. This disconnect poses a real problem for POS systems implementing inventory. To ask the simple question, “how much Onion did I sell this week?” requires creating a separate ingredient or recipe model distinct from the Menu Item model. That means lots of extra work and confusing reporting just to answer a simple question.

But, perhaps worst of all, the dreaded “NO SCREEN” causes extra steps for the cashier and increased transaction times that affect line throughput.

When designing Gusto, we designed a Menu model that cleanly integrates Menu Item Ingredients as first-class citizens. With Gusto, “No Onion” simply requires a single touch to turn off the inclusion of the Onion Ingredient.

It’s a “No” brainer. Eliminating the “NO SCREEN” reduces maintenance, makes for an easier and faster experience at the POS, and allows for an integrated model for tracking inventory.

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