Yes! We Have No NO SCREEN Today
With apologies to the authors of the popular old song, "Yes! We Have No Bananas"

By Bill Draper

For those of us in the restaurant business, you’ve probably encountered an exchange like the following this dozens of times:

Customer: “I’d like a cheeseburger – no onions”
Cashier: “Sure.” (Hunts and pecks on the terminal so that they can remove the onions). “That will be $…”

The above scenario is common because many POS systems have the notion of a “NO SCREEN”. Everyone calls it the “NO SCREEN” because it’s used to tell the kitchen to “NOT” include a certain ingredient. However, there are a number of problems with the “NO SCREEN” and that’s why a more modern, elegant approach was taken when designing Gusto.

First, a “NO SCREEN” requires that an additional modifier be created for every ingredient that can be omitted from a menu item. That means an over- complicated menu and additional maintenance and configuration costs. POS is supposed to make your job easier – not harder.

Another problem is that no explicit connection exists between the ingredient and the No command. In our example this is “Onion” and “No Onion”. This disconnect poses a real problem for POS systems implementing inventory. To ask the simple question, “how much Onion did I sell this week?” requires creating a separate ingredient or recipe model distinct from the Menu Item model. That means lots of extra work and confusing reporting just to answer a simple question.

But, perhaps worst of all, the dreaded “NO SCREEN” causes extra steps for the cashier and increased transaction times that affect line throughput.

When designing Gusto, we designed a Menu model that cleanly integrates Menu Item Ingredients as first-class citizens. With Gusto, “No Onion” simply requires a single touch to turn off the inclusion of the Onion Ingredient.

It’s a “No” brainer. Eliminating the “NO SCREEN” reduces maintenance, makes for an easier and faster experience at the POS, and allows for an integrated model for tracking inventory.

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