By Bill Draper

I am Bill Draper, founder of Gusto. Welcome to our kitchen. This is where we will share stories, visions, ideas, opinion, and in general, how we think about technology and our industry. Many of these thoughts are the ingredients that go into the products we build.

Gusto was founded with a clear vision. Still, that vision grows and evolves, and it’s always getting stronger. Technology designed to help restaurants better operate and manage their business has been slow to advance. Our goal is to build nothing less than the very best systems for restaurateurs, and their customers, that the market has ever seen!

We believe that the terms POS and pleasurable can be used in the same sentence.

Point-of-sale (POS) has historically dealt with the point where the transaction takes place. Of course we now know POS systems to help manage back-of-house, kitchen automation, labor scheduling, and practically all restaurant information and automation needs. But current systems have evolved from the early cash registers without the opportunity to start over from a clean sheet of paper. Gusto represents that fresh, clean sheet approach.

Much of our team came from the industry. I led the development team at MICROS (acquired by Oracle) that created e7, Simphony 1 and Simphony 2, developing solutions for thousands of hospitality concepts worldwide ranging from neighborhood restaurants to the largest of chains. I was architect, designer and team leader for the system currently used by Starbucks in the U.S as well as by thousands of other concepts around the world. I left MICROS after 10 years to pursue other interests but my mind kept coming back to one question: if there were an opportunity to develop a restaurant system from scratch, from a clean sheet of paper, what is possible? I knew that better solutions, more modern solutions, were needed. So I started Gusto to realize that vision.

Gusto POS

Technology has moved very fast and continues to accelerate, particularly since the latter half of the 2000s. We never really settled on a name for that decade, did we? The internet came into its own and matured, became ubiquitous for much of the world. We have embraced mobile in our lives, tablets, social media, online reviews and many, many important transitions have taken place since. And it’s only continuing to move faster!

POS systems today were never built with any of these new realities in mind. They were designed for a prior era, confined within the 4 walls of the restaurant. Our vision is for the world we live in now and will be living in for the next decade to come. Restaurateurs face new challenges and need new solutions; not solutions that are bolted on to old architectures making them resemble a Rube Goldberg machine more so than well-designed, forward-thinking software.

The time is right for a fresh approach. An approach that understands you still have to run an efficient operation and can’t afford to invest in fads, but you may be doing it from the store, from home or on the road. Your employees all have smartphones. Your customers all have smartphones. They communicate in ways that allow millions of people to see their conversations.

Maybe you own one restaurant, maybe 10,000. Employees want to see their schedule from home. Managers need more information than ever and they need it sooner and more up-to-date. Customers often want to engage with the restaurant. Customers’ expectations are rising and you want to meet those expectations.

The time is right for a fresh approach!

Our vision embraces anywhere-access to your system. It fully appreciates the extremely high-degree of reliability you must get from your technology in order to run your operation as smoothly as possible. Restaurants can choose to have the technology invisible in the background or they can bring it directly to the customer, often in the hands of the customer. Our vision embraces a wide-open future where new devices will emerge that most have yet dreamed of. Advances in hardware and software are happening at the speed of light.

We believe that the terms POS and pleasurable can be used in the same sentence. Why shouldn’t they? This is software used every day, all day by some. It should be easy to learn, easy and fast to use and actually pleasurable. It should help move your customers through faster. It should make your managers’ job easier. It should bring a better experience to your customers.

It’s time to bring the usability we are now accustomed to with our consumer devices into the store. It’s time for an alternative to the very few choices that a serious restaurateur has had for systems to manage their restaurant, a system designed from the very beginning with a wide-open view to the future.

Come back as we continue to write more of our thoughts on how we believe a POS system should be built, the team behind this vision, and how a company should treat its customers.

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