Yes! We Have NO SCREEN Today

24 Feb 2016, Bill Draper

For those of us in the restaurant business, you’ve probably encountered an exchange like the following this dozens of times:
Customer: “I’d like a cheeseburger – no onions”
Cashier: “Sure.” (Hunts and pecks on the terminal so that they can remove the onions). “That will be $…”...

Let's Talk About Conversational Food Ordering

8 Aug 2015, Bill Draper

UX (user experience) design hasn’t been taken seriously by developers of business software. We’re all accustomed to great user experience brought to us by consumer software and hardware companies. Then, we come to work and get 1990’s technology...

What is EMV?

5 Apr 2015, Bill Draper

You may be hearing about the upcoming credit card requirement to support EMV. There is a lot of confusion around what exactly EMV is and why you need to care. Let’s get a lot of that cleared up...

The 10 Key Elements of the Ideal POS System For The Next Decade

31 Mar 2015, Bill Draper

It all started with a simple question: If we were to begin with a clean sheet of paper, what would the ideal restaurant management and POS system look like? What would a system ideally suited for the next 15 years of restaurant needs, not the last 15, look like?


12 Mar 2015, Bill Draper

I am Bill Draper, founder of Gusto. Welcome to our kitchen. This is where we will share stories, visions, ideas, opinion, and in general, how we think about technology and our industry. Many of these thoughts are the ingredients that go into the products we build...

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