It's seriously good.

You eat first with your eyes, so we’re not going to just tell you how we’re better. We’ll show you.

Conversational Ordering - Food ordering for humans.

A unique conversational ordering approach makes ordering fast! Take, swap and modify your orders any way you need to - not the way you’re forced to.

Your entire menu in one touch.

A fluid, natural way to quickly find and place orders.

In categories that make sense.

Split a check in seconds flat.

Just keep swiping. We figure out the percentages and double-check the math so your staff doesn’t have to.

From troublesome to trivial.


On the line.

Our team of visionaries, designers, and developers came out of the restaurant industry demanding something better. Something easier. Something sexier.

We built Gusto to tackle the most annoying problems in food service because we wanted it to be easier to focus on what we love: good food, good service, and good experiences.

In their words

If we had Yelp reviews, they'd sound something like this:

Gusto is incredibly intuitive, uncluttered, and simplifies a lot of the convoluted menu structures that we put up with before. No more unnecessary hoops to do simple things.

Ian Herrera


Heine Brothers’ Coffee

The Gusto team's experience with deploying to multi-unit chains like us really set them apart. They focused on understanding our business and unique needs first, then worked with us to create a comprehensive plan that identified potential problems before they occurred and offered flexibility with our scheduling. Their desire to forge a long term partnership and help us grow our business was obvious from our very first meeting and continues to be evident with every interaction we have.

Julie Wade

Vice President

Yogurt Mountain

We are a long time customer of Gusto and the results have been terrific. The customer support has been unparalleled and continues to impress us.

Swati Bose &

Kabir Amir



We didn’t know Point of Sale software could look and feel this good. No other POS allows me the insight into my franchisee's operations that I've been seeking. Gusto allows us to better shape and lead our brand.

Brent Desmond

Director of Platform Management

Elevation Burger

What do I think about Gusto? I don't think about it. It just works. I no longer worry if we'll make it through a $1,000 hour without a crash.

Daniel Magnus

Owner & CEO

Magnus LLC

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